Space to change

My boyfriend (my partner and equal) and I discussed our upcoming trip to Quebec. After a few days of going back and forth, we took a night to sleep on it. And we both decided to not go.

Of course, I want to go still, but he has been working for 3 months in the woods not living at home and kept seeing the trip price steadily rise. And I was pushing so much to go on a trip and he loving me so much, went along with it to make me happy.

But, the whole time I could sense he didn’t care either way. So, I sucked up my desire to travel and put this one on the back burner. He is more important than any trip.

It’s weird what happens as I get older. I have learned that the people in our life, the people we choose to spend our time with should be just as important as our other dreams. There is no point traveling to experience other cultures and meet new people if I don’t care about the ones in my everyday life.

He and I talked about saving the money we would have spent in Quebec and use it to fix up my truck and finally get a camper shell, something we have been dreaming of for years. Something I had been dreaming of even before I met him. For some reason I just never put the money aside to actually do it.

Quebec kept getting more expensive. Plane tickets went from $450 when I first started looking to $750. And for only 4 and half days, it wasn’t deemed worthwhile. And now the $800+ I am not spending on a 4 day trip I can get a camper shell, line it with carpet and then start building storage and get a comfy mattress pad. And it serve me for years of adventures to come.

We do a lot of camping, road trips and backpacking excursions. So the camper shell will be the perfect thing for us to have a bit more comfort and flexibility in where we go.

I am more excited about the camper shell than I was for Quebec. Sometimes travel plans change. I have earned that sometimes it is for the best.


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