Winter traveling’s first stop

I was born in Phoenix and raised just north of San Diego. I lived in Death Valley and Las Vegas. I am a proud desert child. And this January I am traveling to Quebec.

*inserts laugh here*

It will be cold and not many people understand why I am going in the height of winter at zero degrees since i can barely handle 60 degrees. But I’ll back up a bit to the headline of this post. The first stop in winter traveling is shopping. Or as I call it, preparing.

I know, I know, I went over this in last week’s post about how my life was being consumed by material objects, going in debt and not being able to travel. Poor, sad me, relapsing already!

But, I only intend to emphasize the importance of being prepared before taking a trip somewhere with weather you never had to deal with. Hence my need to buy some provisional, warm attire.

I didn’t have to choose to go to Quebec this January. My boyfriend tried getting me to decide on Costa Rica (deciding on where to go as a couple is a post for the future), but I have been enthralled by the idea of walking in the old, European nostalgic city with snow and lights. My desire for that outweighed my love of being warm.

So before you become set on an idea of a place I recommend you prepare yourself. And the best way to do that is to have the right clothing for the weather.

Over the years of jumping on a plane spontaneously, I can accept myself as a bad clothing packer. I am not the type who really forgets things, I just pack like an idiot.

In Virginia (both times, yes I didn’t learn my lesson the first time) I packed too warm. In Scotland I packed too warm. In Ireland I didn’t pack anything good for rain and my feet were soaked for three weeks.

This trip planning for Quebec has inspired me to finally break the curse.

And don’t let that scare you from a place either. Differences in culture and weather and food and just everything is the exciting part of traveling. We are meant to get away from our comfort bubbles. Also, a country offers different activities during different seasons. So while most people go on vacations during the summertime, the winter can offer different experiences of the country.

The idea of a place rarely fits the reality. Which is exciting. I just hope it’s not too cold for me. And if it is, that’s okay too. Always being extra money if you are unsure of what clothing you should have.