Four years later

… And can you believe it, I still haven’t been to Quebec? BUT, I have made it to Spain, Mexico and lots of places in between. I will attempt to give a proper update on my life and status, since a lot of has changed since my postings.

I no longer live paycheck to paycheck, even though right now I am currently unemployed due to COVID-19, but unemployment has saved me in that aspect. I finally graduated college with my bachelor’s degree (whoever thought that would happen? Not me), and I finally got a job as an archaeologist. I actually start my second archaeology job with the Forest Service in one week (yay!). So my life is a lot different in the realm of money, but I still stand firm on traveling on a budget. I have quite a lot of debt (student loans and a new car) which seems to come with the territory of getting paid more ironically.

I am currently not in the capacity to travel – one because of COVID (duh), and two because I am currently way too busy studying for the LSAT to apply to law school this year. Wow who saw that coming? I used to blog about not ever finishing college and being on a completely different path, making $260 a week and now I am on my way to being a lawyer. Not for the money at all, but that is a plus and I cannot wait to blog about what travels that will bring. But I am getting wayyyyy ahead of myself.

For now, my blog will focus on summer traveling and the big trip I am semi-planning with my sister for GREECE. Good things come to those who wait …. or to those who have no choice but to wait because they are too busy and have no money to do it now.


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