The hell with weekends

Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland 2013. Photo: Nic Velarde.

Don’t wait around for your next vacation. Hell don’t even wait around for the weekend. Have fun now.

I notice we push or at least I push a lot of things to the side. I tell myself one day I will start running marathons again, one day I will go to Thailand, one day I will get that foot massage I bought on Groupon months ago. But someday doesn’t always come and it might not ever come if I wait around too long.

It’s just like New Year’s resolutions; next year I’ll get in shape, next year I will start eating healthy. We all do it. We wait for a specific day, a rite of passage almost, to signify our change in lifestyle. But what’s wrong with any old Wednesday in the middle of August to start changing your life, to start doing your someday.

So what is it about weekends that makes us wait to have fun? And it isn’t only having the two days off in a row thing that throws me off. It is that so many people I know believe that having weekends off means that you have somehow made it, you are successful. What…the…

Enough about those days of the week.

My point is, is that I don’t want to wait around for the weekend to have fun. I want to make everyday fun and even an adventure in its own way. It may be the smallest of activities but it is better than giving up and waiting around for someday. Because once the weekend comes you may be too tired or something important comes up and then what?

Today I will go for a run before work. Today I will go for a hike. Today I will surf. Today I will go rock climbing. Today I will drive around on a mini-road trip adventure.

That is all it takes. It is a simple change in attitude because even your home town has great things to offer. Go out there and make your everyday an adventure so the hell with weekends.


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